Support Process

Corporate sales and hotel sales

Hotel\’s visibility and reputation within the market place is often the result of an effective sales and marketing. Overall responsibilities of both Corporate and Hotel sales team are to bring targeted and appropriate business to the hotel.

Capital planning process

Sun Capital Hotels provides seamless management of your asset too.  We will meet with the owner to discuss and develop annul capital improvement plan.  Well executed targeted capital improvements maintains the hotel in a \’like-new\’ condition throughout your holding period and ensures a competitive advantage on the street corner. 

Revenue Management

Hotel’s quest for every spare dollar available makes our corporate revenue manager one of the highest profile jobs in the company.  We effectively use the system tools to raise a hotel’s average daily rate (ADR) as much as seven percent – most of which goes straight to the bottom line. With this kind of money at stake, we try to achieve significant benefit from optimized RM strategies offered by each system.

Sun Capital revenue managers develop rate strategies, train property managers in pricing strategies, and guide sales and marketing teams in the most effective positioning for their selling strategies and campaigns. 


Sun Capital offers comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting services.  Our accounting manager functions to protect hotel’s financial assets by administering company policies and procedures for handling cash, credit card, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and all other financial transactions.

Support Process